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Interview Process

During interview season, the UC Irvine Department of Pediatrics Residency Selection Committee reviews your file. We do not have set criteria for selection of candidates. Rather, we perform a holistic review of each application individually, recognizing that each applicant has unique strengths.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified by our residency office to arrange an interview date. Offers for interviews are sent by email starting in late October. Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we do not send immediate rejection letters.

Our interview season typically runs from early November through mid-January. 

If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to contact our residency office at or 714-456-5631.


Our residents host informal evening meet-and-greets throughout the interview season. We welcome prospective candidates who are invited for interviews to join us at one of our get-togethers, which will be hosted virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interviewees will be provided information on these get-togethers beforehand. 



You can fly into any of the following three airports:

John Wayne Airport is nearest to CHOC, which is where your interview day will begin and end. We recommend that you give yourself plenty of time for car travel and to navigate airport parking lots, anticipating traffic during peak hours. 


Special arrangements for discount lodging has been made at the following hotels:

  • ALO Hotel by Ayres
    • Complimentary buffet breakfast, parking, internet access, and coffee service
    • Complimentary shuttle service within 5 mile radius, including CHOC hospital, which must be booked in advance
    • Preferred discount Super Shuttle rates from John Wayne Airport and LAX
    • See flyer from interview invitation for further details
  • Ayres Hotel in Orange
    • Complimentary buffet breakfast, parking, and internet access.
    • Complimentary shuttle service to CHOC hospital, which must be booked a day in advance
    • See flyer from interview invitation for further details

Please ask for the CHOC Hospital preferred discount rate.


There are many places to explore in the surrounding area while you're in town. Here's a list of local eats and attractions recommended by our residents:

    • Modern place featuring various upscale food stalls, plus a patio with picnic & Ping-Pong tables
    • Upscale food court with local vendors & bars in a renovated, historic 1919 citrus-packing house
  • ORANGE CIRCLE | Orange, CA
    • Shopping and food plaza with fun collection of brunch, dinner and bar options
  • BRODARD'S | Garden Grove, CA
    • Modern Vietnamese cuisine with Asian-fusion touches & specialty cocktails served in a sleek space. Must eats: nem nuong
  • BANH MI CHE CALI BAKERY | Westminster, CA
    • So cheap. So delicious
  • MO RAN GAK RESTAURANT | Garden Grove, CA
    • Call ahead of time, but so worth it for traditional Korean barbecued meats served at tables with built-in grills
  • ANEPALCO | Orange, CA
    • New modern Mexican restaurant with craft cocktails, Mexican wines and exquisite cuisine
  • BLUE BOWL | Orange, CA
    • Acai bowls with fresh fruits and wholesome ingredients to revitalize you on a hot California day
  • MEAD'S GREEN DOOR | Orange, CA
    • Vibrant veggie cafe & coffeehouse prepping breakfast, sweets & sandwiches in a bright, arty space
    • Shops and dining right next door to Disneyland. Get your Disney fix without worrying about admission pricing

The interview process can be confusing with multiple factors to consider while developing a rank list. Here are some reasons why our residents chose UC Irvine/CHOC as their training institution, highlighting the unique nature of our program.


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Undergraduate Studies: Yale University
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Personal InterestsHaving a bunch of children, having a parrot, video games, dungeons & dragons, and dogs. 
Why I Chose UC Irvine/CHOCEvery resident and staff member I met had such a great attitude and energy that it felt "right" to me, like one day I could see those people as my colleagues and family. The hospitals are beautiful as well, and service such a large area. And finally I love the OC.


Hometown: Vista, CA
Undergraduate Studies: University of Notre Dame (Psychology Major)
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
Personal Interests: Dance, yoga, hiking, reading on the beach.
Why I Chose UC Irvine/CHOC: I thought I fit in well with the residents. The attendings and program directors seemed very invested in our learning (and wellness), and responsive to resident concerns. And also, it's great to take a long walk on the beach after a long day on the wards!


Hometown: Laguna Niguel, CA
Undergraduate Studies: George Washington University
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
Personal Interests: Working out, going to the beach, dogs, and getting froyo.
Why I Chose UC Irvine/CHOCMostly because of the people - some of the most intelligent, hardworking, inspiring and supportive people I’ve met (both residents & attendings). I was also so impressed with the commitment to teaching and quality of didactics and the access to two children’s hospitals.