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UCI Faculty

CHOC Affiliated Faculty

  • John Crawford, MD - Division Chief 
  • Amanda Fernandez, MD
  • Anjalee Galion, MD
  • Simon Kayyal, MD
  • Virginia Liu, MD
  • J. Thomas Megerian, MD
  • Rachel Pearson, MD 
  • Don Phillips, MD 
  • Allison Przekop, MD 
  • Terence Sanger, MD 
  • Dan Shrey, MD 
  • Clare Skora, MD 
  • Maija Steenari, MD 
  • Sharief Taraman, MD 
  • Julian Thomas, MD 
  • Minodora Totoiu, MD 
  • Danielle Whalen, MD

Miller Children's Affiliated Faculty

  • Nicole Cobom MD
  • Mary Kay Dyes, MD
  • Perry Lubens, MD

Other Affiliated Faculty

  • Peter Himber, MD

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