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JUN 22CHOC Children’s and UCI Health have formed a new relationship for maternal fetal medicine and neonatal intensive care services that will offer greater access to high quality, advanced care for women with complex pregnancies and critically ill infants.
AUG 02Google glass headsets have potential for use in treating autistic children, but more testing is needed, UCI pediatric neurologist Dr. Joseph Donnelly tells ABC News.
JUL 18UCI-led study finds that therapy dogs are effective in reducing symptoms of ADHD.
JUN 26Pediatricians need training to help gender-dysphoric children, UCI Health Pediatric Gender Diversity Program experts Dr. Lynn Hunt and Brit Cervantes tell Atlantic magazine.
JUN 01Nagging and reprimands aren't effective at fostering independence in children, UCI pediatrics professor Phyllis Agran, MD, tells the Wall Street Journal.
MAY 10UCI pediatric pulmonologist Dr. Kim Lu says asthma is difficult to diagnose in children under age 5.
APR 28UCIMC NICU held its biennial reunion bringing together over 300 family members together with the physicians and nurses who cared for them as patients.
APR 24Dr. Dan Cooper, UCI pediatrics professor and founder of the Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center, tells CNN about the importance of childhood exercise.
APR 17A study led by Sabrina Schuck, PhD, executive director of the UCI Child Development School, shows the benefits of dog-assisted interventions with children who have ADHD.
MAR 28UCI neuroscientist and pediatric neurologist Tallie Z. Baram to receive prestigious Cotzias award from the American Academy of Neurology.


DEC 18Dr. Tallie Z. Baram study reference in article examining the impact of parents excessively checking their phones.
DEC 14Do you know someone with Autism? The UC Irvine Center for Autism Research and Translation (CART) and Dr. John Jay Gargus are seeking research subjects with a diagnosis of autism, their siblings and parents, and non-autistic individuals.
OCT 20“Child Neurologist and Neuroscientist Tallie Z. Baram has conducted one of the more recent examples of this important type of research. She found that maternal caress triggers activity that improves cognition and resilience to stress in the baby’s developing brain”. - Pg 75 The Book of Joy by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archibishop Desmond Tutu
JUN 10Dr. Phyllis Agran was named "Alumna of the Year" at the 2017 Pediatric Residency and Fellowship Program graduation by Dr. Dan Cooper.
MAY 17UC Irvine pediatrician Candice Taylor Lucas, MD, has been awarded an NIH grant designed to promote career-development diversity in health-related research.
MAY 15A Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders researcher finds MRI assessments to be useful for understanding and diagnosing ADHD in young adults.
APR 22Dr. Harry Pellman, a member of our Champions of Child Health Leadership Committee, was named Orange County's 2017 Pediatrician of the Year. Congrats, Harry!
MAR 17Successfully matched! Welcome, Class of 2020 to the UC Irvine-CHOC Pediatric Residency Program.
MAR 13Long-term use of ADHD medications may suppress adult height, UC Irvine pediatrics professor James M. Swanson, PhD, writes in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.
FEB 21UC Irvine Medical Center Pediatric Gender Diversity Program is the first OC hospital program to offer specialized care to transgender youth.
JAN  31UC Irvine Health opens first pediatric gender diversity program in Orange County


DEC 13The UC Irvine Health Pediatric Exercise & Genomics Research Center receives major grant to understand how exercise affects the body, one gene at a time.
NOV 01Pediatric Gender Diversity Program- Orange County’s first interdisciplinary services dedicated to caring for transgender and gender-expansive children, teens and young adults.
NOV 01Exercise may help reduce anxiety in children with autism, UC Irvine pediatric developmental and behavioral researcher Jean Gehricke tells Sports Illustrated.
SEP 29UC Irvine researchers, led by Dr. Pathik Wadhwa, will participate in major federal effort to improve childhood health.
JUN 24Teen girls who are overweight or obese are more likely to develop asthma than boys, a UC Irvine study led by pediatrician Dr. Kim D. Lu has found.
JUN 09Publication Coming Soon: "Unravelling Complexities in Genetics and Genomics: Impact on Diagnosis Counseling and Management" from ICTS faculty Moyra Smith
JUN 09Sabrina Schuck, PhD, executive director of the UC Irvine Health Child Development Center, offers tips for parents to consider before leaving a child with ADHD home alone.
JUN 09World Scientific Publishing Co. announces the September 2016 release of UC Irvine pediatric geneticist Dr. Moyra Smith's book, "Unravelling Complexities in Genetics and Genomics."
MAY 24UC Irvine Health pediatric neurologist Dr. Ira Lott is studying why people with Down syndrome are more susceptible to Alzheimer's disease.
MAY 16UC Irvine’s Katrine Whiteson attends White House event on microbiome research.
FEB 29UC Irvine pediatric genetics and metabolism professor Virginia Kimonis, MD, joins in reseach to find a treatment for a rare genetic disease.
FEB 18Dr. Virginia Kimonis to discuss link between rare condition and Parkinson’s disease at fashion fundraiser.
JAN 8UC Irvine researcher Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD finds use of cell phones can result in fragmented maternal care and disrupt infant brain development.


DEC 21UC Irvine medical school grad inspires $1.75-million gift to the Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center to develop childhood exercise curriculum.
NOV 30National Institute on Aging grants $4.7 million to UC Irvine pediatrician Dr. Ira Lott’s research team to help find Alzheimer’s biomarkers in people with Down syndrome.
NOV 12Dr. Behnoosh Afghani’s article about the UC Irvine Summer Premed Program for high school students has been published in the journal of the American Society of Medical Educators.
AUG 26UC Irvine's Institute for Clinical & Translational Science, led by pediatric pulmonologist Dan Cooper, is awarded $19 million.
AUG 07The CHOC Children's-UC Irvine joint pediatric research group names six projects to receive the 2015 Child Health Research Awards.
JUN 23Pediatric geneticist Dr. June-Anne Gold is named chair of the American Medical Association's international graduates council.
JUN 11Child health advocate Dr. Maria Miñon receives the UC Irvine School of Medicine's 2015 Pediatric Residency Alumna Award.
MAY 14The Violence Prevention Coalition of Orange County has named UC Irvine pediatrician Dr. Sandra Murray a recipient of its annual Ambassador of Peace Award.
APR 09Richard Haier, PhD, professor emeritus of pediatrics says there’s no one way to define genius.
MAR 12Dr. Dan Cooper, chair of the Department of Pediatrics, is named Pediatrician of the Year by the American Academy of Pediatrics-Orange County Chapter.


DEC 09A couple finds help for their son from UC Irvine developmental and behavioral specialists at the Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders.
DEC  08The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Southern California to expand its reach to serve children from birth to age 22.
NOV 26Dan Cooper, MD, is leading a program to develop industry partnerships and expand the network for clinical and translational research.
NOV 21UC Irvine Health pediatric cardiologist Dr. Anjan Batra cures an Orange County teen's rapid heartbeat cured with a new minimally invasive treatment.
OCT 20Dr. Sandra Murray, an expert in family violence, speaks at the launch of UC Irvine's Interdisciplinary Center on Family Violence (ICFV).
OCT 02UC Irvine Health pediatrician and childhood exercise expert Dr. Dan Cooper will speak at a White House summit on fitness for Americans with disabilities.
SEP 11Catherine M. Brock, new executive director of The Center for Autism, to spearhead efforts to bring help and hope to patients and families.
AUG 12A recent survey by UC Irvine's Sharon Wigal, PhD, associate clinical professor of pediatrics, reveals girls are more likely to “suffer silently” or show fewer symptoms of ADHD.
JUNE 24Team led by UC Irvine pediatric neurologist Dr. Tallie Z. Baram discovers novel biomarker that can predict febrile seizure-related epilepsy.
MAY 08UC Irvine pediatrician Dr. Candice Taylor Lucas gives keynote address, "Childhood Obesity Prevention," at the Healthy Beginnings, Bright Futures 4th annual luncheon.
MAR 04The UC Irvine Health Child Development School for children with behavioral and developmental challenges announces the expansion of the program to now include seventh graders
FEB 04Center for Autism receives three grants from Autism Speaks. Awardees are Jean Gehricke, PhD; Amy Griffiths, PhD; and Jeanne Carriere.
FEB 01Child neurologist Dr. Tallie Z. Baram, leads research to explore how maternal signals and care before and after birth may increase an infant’s vulnerability to adolescent cognitive and emotional problems.
JAN 21Dean's Quarterly Lecture Series; "Calming the Tempest in the Teapot; Bench Discoveries Leading to Better Therapies in Epilepsy. " Speakers: Tallie Z. Baram, MD, PhD and Mary Zupanc, MD


OCT 14The Center for Autism & Neurodevelopmental Disorders (formerly "For OC Kids") is expanding. The Center will move to its new location at 2500 Red Hill Avenue in Santa Ana. The new Center will open on October 24, 2013.
AUG  04UC Irvine geneticist and pediatrician Dr. Virginia Kimonis, discovers the cause of an O.C. girl’s rare genetic disease. Using Exome Sequencing the genetic mutation was identified. The diagnosis provides hope for discovering a treatment.
JUN 12UC Irvine has been awarded a $10 million National Institute of Mental Health grant to study how a mother's patterns of caring for her infant may affect a child during adolescence.
JUN  15The School of Medicine and its students recognized Dr. Dan Cooper with Department Chair Award for Excellence. Dr. Cooper is Chair of the Department of Pediatrics, we salute him for his vision and leadership for the department.
JUN 152013 teaching awards highlight physician commitment to medical education. Dr. Lynn Hunt received The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award. Dr. Hunt is a General Pediatrician in UC Irvine's Department of Pediatrics, congratulations on a job well done!
JUN 15Physician commitment to Medical Education was highlighted by the 2013 teaching awards. Several Department of Pediatrics Faculty were honored: For Excellence in Teaching Basic Sciences: Dr. Michael Zaragoza. For Excellence in Clinical Teaching: Dr. Penny Murata. Congratulations to our award winning physicians!
MAR 04UC Irvine students dance the night away in the Student Center during the annual Care-A-Thon fundraiser, benefiting the school's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.


DEC 13"We've taken the most efficient and healthiest rehydration method, water, and substituted it with high-calorie beverages," said Pediatrics Chair Dan Cooper, MD.
AUG 06The UC Irvine School of Medicine Summer Pre-med Program, founded by pediatrics professor Dr. Behnoosh Afghani, is proving to be a stunning success.
MAY 15UC Irvine's Richard Haier says brain scans could replace standardized testing; his decades-long research shows the most intelligent people often have highly efficient brains.
APR 16Dan M. Cooper, M.D., has been appointed chair of the Department of Pediatrics.
FEB 22UC Irvine Care-a-thon encourages students to get up and dance for a cause--UC Irvine's Medical Center NICU


NOV 15Oncologists need to understand the unique needs of young cancer patients, says UC Irvine's Dr. Leonard Sender in an interview with Clinical Oncology News.
NOV 09Childhood obesity rates have almost tripled from just one generation ago; "Solving the problem is not going to be easy," says UC Irvine Pediatrics Chair Dr. Dan Cooper.
NOV 09UC Irvine researchers: A fetus can sense its mom’s psychological state; if she's depressed, it can affect how the baby develops.
NOV 03Children "are suffering needlessly" from postoperative pain, UC Irvine study author Dr. Zeev Kain tells CNN.
OCT 26Children suffer unnecessarily from postoperative pain, according to a UC Irvine study that suggests the need for improved pediatric care.
SEP 15To combat childhood obesity, Michigan will track kids' body mass index; but UC Irvine's Dr. Dan Cooper tells ABC News that "BMI is a very poor tracking mechanism for a child."
AUG 31Translational research by UC Irvine's Dr. Kimberly Lakes was spotlighted in a Science magazine article on interventions that are shown to aid executive function development in children.
AUG 12UC Irvine's Dr. Tallie Baram is the recipient of the American Neurological Association's 2011 Soriano Lectureship Award.
AUG 10UC Irvine's Dr. Lynn Hunt was elected president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Orange County Chapter.
July 11Dr. Dan Cooper has been named acting Chair of the Department of Pediatrics. Cooper "has made tremendous contributions to our programs and research efforts," said Dean Ralph Clayman.
JUN 03Dr. David Buchbinder received a Career Development Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
MAY 09Treatment of teen and young adult cancer patients must change to improve survival rates, UC Irvine’s Dr. Leonard Sender writes in the Journal of Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology.
MAY 09UC Irvine pediatric genetics researcher Dr. Taosheng Huang seeks cure for Leigh Syndrome, a rare and inherited metabolic disorder.
MAY 04Dr. Marc Lerner explains the Early Developmental Screening and Intervention (EDSI) Initiative, which advocates innovative ways to deliver developmental care.
APR 21UC Irvine anesthesiologist Dr. Zeev Kain to use $3.2-million research grant to reduce children's anxiety levels before surgery.
APR 18Genetic counselors help patients understand DNA risks, says Pamela Flodman, director for UC Irvine's genetic counseling program.
FEB 23UC Irvine pediatrics professor Dr. Dan Cooper speaks to the city of Irvine's Children, Youth & Families Advisory Committee about ways to reduce obesity and diabetes in at-risk children.
FEB  15Melatonin eases post-operative distress in children, according to a UC Irvine study.
FEB 06UC Irvine residents promote nutrition education and obesity awareness with 5K race.
JAN 18UC Irvine Medical Center and CHOC Children’s offer the highest level of care in Orange County and are the only hospitals designated by California Children’s Services to have regional NICUs.


AUG 24Dr. Virginia Kimonis, chief of the Division of Human Genetics and Metabolism Division in UC Irvine's Department of Pediatrics, has been awarded a grant to study hereditary muscle diseases.
AUG 01Servite High School football players tested in sports concussion pilot program with UC Irvine
JUN 29Healthier food and more intense gym classes lower children's diabetes risk, according to a study involving UC Irvine.