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Child Abuse Services Team

The Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) is the child abuse pediatrics subspecialty practice that serves pediatric victims of maltreatment including abuse, neglect, and exploitation from Orange County and the surrounding communities.

The child abuse medical providers at CAST are board-certified child abuse pediatricians and a pediatric board-certified nurse practitioner. The team is staffed and supervised under contract with the JUCI School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics.

The three child abuse pediatric specialists maintain teaching responsibilities within the medical school and they coordinate the training and education of medical students, nurse practitioner students and pediatric and family medicine residents through standardized rotations with the CAST team.

In addition, CAST medical services coordinates medical response with many multidisciplinary providers throughout Orange County including law enforcement, social services, county prosecutors, victim advocates and court services, as well as community mental health and primary care providers.

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